from politics to pastry

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My name is Amy DuVall. I’ve been an environmental lawyer for twenty years, an environmental lobbyist for ten. And studied environmental engineering before all of that. I had a dream of helping to enact major federal environmental legislation, and I was lucky enough to be given that chance several years ago. When the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act passed in June 2016, I suddenly found myself in a place I didn’t expect — immensely happy and proud but professionally lost. Everything I had studied and worked for suddenly had happened and I was oddly fulfilled, ready for the next chapter. What was I going to do now? After more than a year of soul-searching, working with professionals that helped me ask all the tough questions, talking with lots of friends, and finding out more about myself than I could have ever imagined, I decided to focus on my creative side and try to turn my hobby of cooking and baking into my new profession. So in February 2018, I announced my departure from the lobbying world, and in March 2018 I began my journey to bake more, spend more time on my creative side. I didn’t have an ultimate destination in mind except to try and put smiles on people’s faces one cookie, one slice of pie, one brownie at a time.

In January 2019, I created from politics to pastry LLC. We focus on Italian sweets (a love of mine thanks to my husband’s Italian roots), custom pastries, and in-home baking and decorating instruction and parties. Bottom line: we want to make your life a little sweeter.