Maillard Therapy

Maillard Therapy

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“Maillard Therapy” is recently established, family run, home-baking business, based out of Alexandria, VA.

“Distinguishing style of our business are vintage-novelty baked treats, typically biscuits and cakes handmade from scratch, prepared in small batches using all quality ingredients. As much as original process of baking is allowing us, you will find that most our delicious baked and crafted goods are marked as *Reduced Sugar & Reduced Sodium, No Preservatives! We are using complex, all natural, powdered and liquid flavors & coloring, drawn only out of fruits, nuts, edible flowers and herbs.

Whilst our business still falls under the Cottage Food Law, we sincerely hope, that soon enough, we will move into the fully licensed commercial kitchen!”

Ivana & Vlatko

Founders of Maillard Therapy