Harmony Hill Farm

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The Harmony Hill Farm is dedicated to providing the people of the Northern West Virginia, Virginia and South-Western Pennsylvania with the highest quality of food. They believe that everyone deserves to eat naturally grown, healthy, delicious food and that it should be produced sustainably, because that is good for the earth, for customers, and for ourselves.

The Harmony Hill Farm is located in Shenandoah Junction WV and was established in 1975 by Stephen and Virginia Gorman. It was their goal to produce food in the highest quality manner in a sustainable manner. They also believed in continual conservation efforts of the land for future generations. Now under the direction of Steve and Maggie Gorman along with Chris and Heather Gorman, the farm continues to operate with the same principals of sustainability and environmental stewardship. They are proud of their agricultural heritage and believe that there is no better of a calling then feeding your fellow man.

The farm produces Black Angus beef cattle, Dorper sheep, Heritage pigs, pasture raised meat chickens, pasture raised laying hens for egg production and an abundance of fresh produce. The primary diet of their livestock is pasture. By operating this way, they are able to remain growth hormone and antibiotic free. Harmony Farm always utilizes Non-GMO feeds for livestock that require grain to sustain themselves. They feel that they would not want to feed anyone else what they would not feed their own family.

Contact Info

6920 Flowing Springs Rd
Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia 25442

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