Nativo C&S – Handcrafted Spice Blends

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Nativo offers a variety of seasonings to help you create chef quality food in your very own kitchen. Taste the flavor of Argentina in our hand mixed seasoning blends, all inspired by a passion for flavor. All my products are carefully hand mixed and handcrafted to ensure the quality and support the art of crafting. This takes more time but I believe the passion and delight of a new experience of spices is worth it.

Recipe of the Week:

Omelet with Pampa’s Herbs

Perfect for breakfast or lunch, a well done omelet it is a fast solution. It is healthy and full of protein to keep you in shape. Here is how I do it.



Whisk two eggs with a fork. We do not want to incorporate air, just mix the eggs. Season the eggs with Pampa’s Herbs.

Heat up a pan to medium heat and place some oil onto it. Make sure the oil covers all the surface. Place the eggs in the pan and use a spatula to make sure the eggs are cooking evenly after around 2 to 3 minutes.

Flip over one-third of the omelet, add the butter and flip the other third on top and cook it for 30 seconds. Flip over the omelet onto a plate and the butter on top.

The omelet should be soft and runny inside.

Note: place some cheese, ham or bacon before flipping it. It is delicious.


Plate the salmon skin down and brush with the butter. This will give the fish the juice it needs, the perfect balance of spices and the shine for presentation.

Enjoy with your favorite vegetables!!