Panela-Ancient Cane

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Contact Info:
Juan Pablo Gomez, CEO
Phone: 954-383-0536

Panela-Ancient Cane

Panela-Ancient Cane is a brand of COLFARMER that was inspired by Colombian Farmers who work hard to produce high-quality foods while implementing eco-friendly agricultural practices. We were stunned by the beauty of Colombian landscapes and the quality and diversity of its soil, which is highly suitable for the cultivation of many kinds of crops. At Colfarmer, we are passionate and committed to producing health-conscious foods to meet the increasing demand in the world today. Our brand strives to make a positive social impact on small farming communities.

Panela-Aancient Cane is a nutritional and functional food due to its many bioactive components. Because Panela-Ancient Cane is dried Panela cane juice, all of the natural properties of the plant are maintained making Panela-Ancient Cane a viable source for energy, minerals, proteins and vitamins – essential body constituents.

Colombia in Peace
Colombia in peace, is a non-profit organization that seeks to better the lives of small and medium-sized Colombian farmers victims of the armed conflict. By supporting and promoting farmers to produce Colombian staple crops, we encourage them to stay away from growing illegal crops. During the first 4 years of operation, 400 families were trained in new production techniques that meet international quality standards. Besides, they received an income increase from $600 to $3,600 a year. Therefore, when you buy our products, you get high-quality foods while helping promote better opportunities for small farmers.

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