Paella to Go!

Machu’s Kitchen and Paella to Go!

Meet Chef Mario Barreda 

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, educated in San Sebastián, Basque Country of Spain my early inspiration for cooking came from my mother lovingly nicknamed “Machu”. While growing up in Caracas my mother enrolled herself in several cooking classes at the French, Italian and Chinese embassies. At home in “Machu’s Kitchen” I began watching my mother create exquisite, gourmet dishes combining all the flavors of our native Venezuela while mastering the cuisine of other lands.

Years later after graduating from El Txoko Del Gourmet culinary school in San Sebastián I continued my culinary experience working at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand and then went on to Lisbon, Portugal; Hotel Savoy in London; Fuerte Ventura, Canary Islands, Spain, Ibiza and Bordeaux, France. While working during the Tour of Spain in Madrid I noticed a delivery guy on a motorcycle with what resembled a pizza delivery tail bag that read, “Paella Para Llevar”.  I went to check out the carryout, liked the concept and so came about the bright idea to bring paella on the go back home when I returned.

Nearly a year after arriving back to the Northern Virginia area after finishing my culinary studies abroad in 2009 I founded Paella to Go.

Cooking is not just a job or a hobby, it’s my passion and my life’s true calling. I enjoy cooking for others and having the opportunity to share my talent, love for food while bringing it to life with every dish I prepare.

Paella to Go brings the “on-the-spot” food experience I am able to offer at the local Farmers Markets where I participate and as part of my catering business.

Machu’s Kitchen is my ode to my mother who at an early age instilled a love, passion for home-cooked meals with a gourmet twist, family and good times. My objective is to bring you the same whether you are having a bowl of paella at the Farmers market, celebrating a milestone anniversary at a Paella to Go catered event or simply enjoying good, comfort food from my new Machu’s Kitchen pre-prepackaged food line.

I enjoy feeding the people, bringing happiness and smiles through the food I cook.

Contact Info:    
Instagram: paella_to_go

Phone: 571-245-8142