Taste of Old Town North – Participants

On Thursday, September 19th, Montgomery Park will be the site of all the reasons you are located in Old Town North.

As a food purveyor here, we invite you to present to the community a taste of what you do best. You will be asked to offer sample tastings of food that is fully prepared on your own premises and that requires no refrigeration, cooking at the event or electricity; all parts of your offering must meet Alexandria Health Department Regulations, should be able to withstand warm weather and be easy to handle in a small portion. We will not be charging the community to participate in any of the events of the day, and we will not be charging you either. Participants will be provided table space with tent cover. As this part of the Celebration is only from 5pm to 7pm, we ask that you be completely set up by the 5 o’clock start time.

We really hope that you will be able to join us. The residents and business people who frequent our sidewalks need to know you and what you do. Please let me know as soon as possible as available slots will fill up!

You can’t afford to miss this opportunity!


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    You will be provided an eight-foot table. We will provide a cover for the table and overhead tenting. All items must be prepared offsite, require no heating, no refrigeration and no electricity. Also, you must provide Alexandria Health Department Certification; please attach a copy of that Certificate when returning this form.

    Please keep in mind that the purpose of this event is to showcase what we have in Old Town North and to make people want to live, work and play here!


    Old Town North Community Partnership
    Elizabeth Frommer, Treasurer 703-836-8066
    Margaret Townsend, President 571-218-2161
    Email: info@oldtownnorth.org