Touch by Prince

Touch by PrinceĀ 

Hello World, I’m Prince! I enjoy being crafty and daydreaming in colors. I’m an immigrant from Pakistan and a first-generation college graduate. I hold a BA from San Francisco State University in Criminal Justice Studies with a minor in Education. I am extremely passionate about racial justice and equality. I have a passion for working with students of color from various backgrounds. My goal is to obtain my master’s in Special Education and lead my own classroom.

I have always had a passion for the Arts. One of the main reasons why I moved to California was to peruse showbiz but within that process, I discovered myself. I love making things from scratch, playing with colors, scents, painting, and resin art.

Touch by Prince grew from my love for natural homemade products. English is my second language and I often struggled reading and understanding ingredients. I make soap from scratch with ingredients that ANY one can understand.

Contact Info:
Phone: 703-474-1610