Who’s Who in Old Town North

Greetings from the Old Town North Community Partnership

As we work to create a more vibrant, vital, walkable community for those who live, work and own small businesses in Old Town North we are grateful to partner with two other local not-for-profit organizations, the Old Town North Alliance and NOTICe.

Old Town North Community Partnership

This organization was chartered at the conclusion of the first Old Town North Small Area Plan. Its mission was “residents and business working together” to function as a civic association and to review developments that were facilitated by the passage of the plan. Its members fought for public investment and amenities in Old Town North. In the mid-2000s, it was successful in obtaining capital improvements to Montgomery Park, including the gazebo, removal of chain link fencing, and landscaping. Subsequently, OTNCP has taken on the creation of events such as Taste of Old Town North and Dogtoberfest to animate the neighborhood. It also operates the Old Town North Farmers Market that takes place in Montgomery Park on Thursdays. 

Winter: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm 
Spring/Fall: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Summer: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Old Town North Community Partnership publishes a yearly Directory listing local businesses and not for profits in greater Old Town North. Membership is open to local businesses, not for profits and those interested in the mission of the Old Town North Community Partnership.

In 2021, Margaret Townsend is President. For further information: www.oldtownnorth.org.


The North Old Town Independent Citizens Civic Association Incorporated or NOTICe purpose is to educate city residents, especially those residing in North Old Town/Old Town North, on matters of public interest, and to promote their interests, welfare, and common good. NOTICe distributes information, holds regular public meetings, and advocates for community improvements. NOTICe holds at least four membership meetings a year and is active in neighborhood safety & security, land use, and community affairs. It is managed by a 7 to 9 person Board of Directors elected in November of each year. Voting Members donate annual membership dues.

NOTICe is the Old Town North civic association founded in 1999 and a non-profit, tax-exempt 501c3 organization. Membership is open to any individuals interested in North Old Town.

In 2021, Mary Harris is President. For further information: www.notice-alexandria.org.

Old Town North Alliance

The Alliance is the newest kid on the block, formed in 2019 to promote the Arts and Cultural District proposed in the Old Town North Small Area Plan adopted in 2017, and to create a distinct identity for Old Town North as a place to live, work, enjoy restaurants, and be healthy. The Alliance co-sponsors events, seeks opportunities for public and private art and streetscape improvements, and coordinates with active developers to add amenities to the neighborhood. Membership is open to large and small businesses, residents, and property owners.

In 2021 Agnès Artemel is President. For further information: www.oldtownnorthalliance.com

And Where is Old Town North?

It is basically the portion of the City of Alexandria VA north of Oronoco Street and east of N. Washington Street, extending up to Daingerfield Island and including Marina Towers and the Power Plant. OTNCP extends its outreach to businesses located in the Braddock neighborhood west of Washington Street.